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Hello World. I’m Atira. I am  a licensed cosmetologist in VA, NC,& GA. I am very delicate with my hands, which makes me a great stylist for your little one. I move at a very swift pace and my hands have blessed many suffering from hair loss issues with hair restoration. I am the pure definition of “growing hands”. My gift is to bless the world through my hands and my inspirational voice. Be a part of my journey and get the ultimate braid experience. “It does matter who you go to”.

My Story


I've been doing hair my entire life, ever since one digit numbers. Over years I’ve learned that it was my gift. It comes so natural to me and I can go and go. I’ve perfected my craft over time with lots of hard work and dedication. I do it effortlessly. I’ve seen my work change lives, minds and hearts with restoring hair to those who suffer from hair loss from various conditions reassuring them that the impossible is always possible in my hands.  In this gallery you will see some of the transformations and miracles I’ve done.

My Vision

My vision is to travel the world networking, continuing to bless many with my skill. I will change the lives of children that suffer from hair loss issues for various causes with my children’s wig line "Little Miss Confidence".

"Magic hands let me bless your strands". From VA to NC to GA

Atira Vaughan 

 Salon Owner, Master Stylist, Master Wig Designer, Educator

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