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Hair loss is on the rise in the ethnic community. Several individuals hide their issues and never get appropriate help or resources to deal with their hair loss issues. This is when embarrassment, insecurities, lack of confidence and other feelings kick in bringing down one's spirit. These issues not only effect adults, they effect children as well.


Atira's Salon can provide you with the most comfortable options for your hair loss situation. 

babyhair leave-out

I have a natural gift #blessed

#Kinkytwist#wig Done!!!

Stay tunned.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg

Gifted stylist in your area

Quick style on a kids wig made by the one and only#atirassalon

She bought the crowd to tears and got a standing ovation.  She removed her wig in front of everyone

$50 Sew-in this week only



Kid wig #ageappropriate

Twist with bun wig #hairloss#atirassalon

Custome wig

Restyled her hairpiece

Her hair has started growing.jpg.jpg


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I love what I do 😘

Don't let weak areas  stop u from getting styles u want. There are several  options for individuals

A little vision goes a long way...There's always options with me...


 β€‹" Definitely not your ordinary hair service. Its an experience!" 

Servicing North Carolina & Georgia

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